Ten Things We Love About Grandma

My sweet Grandmother celebrated her 90th birthday today.  Yes, I know her birthday is later in the week, but she did celebrate today with a gorgeous party hosted by her family.  Unfortunately, we were unable to attend, but my darling mother was kind enough to print a list of 90 things that we love about her.  I’ve condensed it here, because I wish to pay tribute to this ordinary remarkable woman.  Herewith:

  1. She loves God, her family, and her neighbor.  In that order.
  2. She exemplified faithfulness in marriage.
  3. She is genuinely hospitable, on a daily basis and on a committed basis, having cared for her elderly mother and her in-laws in their final years, and sharing her home with various family members during in-between life stages.
  4. Her children and their spouses and offspring, collectively.  They are a great bunch of folks and I am so proud to call them family.
  5. She is a really good cook and she makes the best rice dressing in the world.
  6. She makes good strong coffee, and her coffee pot is never empty.  Her sink, miraculously, always is.
  7. She still keeps our school, graduation, and wedding pictures on her wall and she remembers our birthdays and anniversaries.
  8. She has a merry heart, but even when she isn’t happy or well, she is nevertheless determinedly cheerful.
  9. She refuses to say unkind things about anyone.
  10. She has loved me for as long as she has known me.
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