The best stuff in my kitchen (okay, and dining room area, because we have an open floor plan)

drying dishes

  1. My Big Berkey water filter.  Makes delicious water from sad tap water.  Initial set-up was around $300, but given that I paid $50 the month before for bottled water, it should pay for itself pretty quickly.
  2. Fresh herbs from the farmers market.  They add great fresh flavor to food and drink alike.  Plus, they are way cheaper than flowers, but have the same effect.
  3. My Calphalon 10″ Everyday Pans.  I actually have 2 of them.  Perfect size.  Nothing sticks to them.
  4. My dishwasher, mostly because I don’t like drying dishes and I don’t have my counter space arranged well enough to give dishes space to air dry.
  5. My microwave, for any number of things that I can heat/reheat quickly without dirtying another dish.
  6. My refrigerator.  I love that we can store food for days/weeks so that I can put off grocery shopping when the weather is awful.
  7. Running water (yes, the source of my sad tap water).  Can you imagine how difficult life would be if you had to haul all of the water you used into and out of your house?  Not this little gray duck.
  8. My cookbooks (in fact, about half my library is in my kitchen/dining area, so really, my books!).  Do I have to explain this?  Because, books!
  9. My computer.  I can do all sorts of things while waiting on dinner to finish cooking.
  10. The Mary Engelbreit print tucked on the wall between the refrigerator and the cabinets.  Because it makes me smile.
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