Stay in the picture

Alex birthday 2015

I went to my dear friend Alexandra’s birthday party last night, along with about 20 other lovely, fascinating people.  After a delicious seafood dinner, we posed outside the restaurant for photos.  Because I’m short and I never wear heels, I got shoved to the front.  I was a little traumatized at first, because, although I’m not altogether hideous, I am rather large, especially in comparison with 20-somethings who are genetically gifted and exercise on the regular.  But I had an epiphany.  These people like me for who I am and treat me with kindness and respect and interest.  If they judge me based on my appearance, they have the good manners not to even hint at their disgust.  And I realized that the people who do judge me harshly based on my appearance are not worthy of a square inch of my headspace.  So I stood up straight and brave and I smiled.  And I’m so glad I did.  I looked awesome.  So.  Ten reasons to stay in the picture.

  1. To prove that you are not a vampire.
  2. If you are worried about privacy, you might as well give that up.  There are security cameras everywhere, monitored drones that can detect your brand of shoe from 5 miles up, and easily influenced, poorly paid workers who can tell interested parties where you are sitting and what you have to eat every Tuesday.
  3. To be part of a memento, whether it belongs to you or to someone you love, of a special time you spent together.
  4. To be able to look at your physical self, at least somewhat objectively.
  5. To remember the night you wore your Grandmother’s brooch and talked about great books with a complete stranger and new friend.
  6. So that somebody can make a slideshow of your life and have pictures to put around your coffin (hopefully at a much later date).
  7. You might need an electronically dated and located photo as an alibi.
  8. Because if you worry about every idiot who presumes to judge you based on your appearance, you have far more to worry about than your appearance.
  9. Because in 3 months you want to be able to show your stylist how you want your hair to look again.
  10. Because you should never think scornfully of one who is fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God, regardless of who they are, even if they are you.

Photo courtesy  The Idyllic Life  

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